Chapter 1: Welcome to our Online Art Studio, Autumn Artist!


Dear Autumn Artist!

I’m so happy to see you here!

Autumn is here, and it is time for the whole experience to unfold and to take us to the next level of your creativity and inspiration – I so hope you will love this creative journey!

First, thank you for joining us on this creative adventure!

I can’t wait for all the transformative processes we will share in the coming days and to see where this path will take us!

Seasons of Creativity Into Autumn

Please read these words of introduction and instruction below – I want this time to be as enjoyable for you as possible!

First – please remember we are all unique souls with different experiences, talents, stories and ways of expression. What works for me may not be your cup of tea, so flexibility and an open mind are the keys! Alterations, creative changes and fun ideas make this journey even better!

The fact we are different yet united as a creative tribe is beautiful and exciting – we can learn so much from each other!
During this Online Retreat, no matter how the story unfolds – we are going to the same destination:

  • Taking care of our identity as creators.
  • Giving ourselves permission to give and receive inspiration without jealousy.
  • Comparing to others and self-doubt.

We are all gifts to the creative community and worthy of the support and love!

How is it going to work?

Our Seasons of Creativity Online Retreat is divided into smaller activities – shorter or longer tasks to do during that day. You will find them in “Chapters” of the Retreat, published for you each day of our online event. Some of them focus on relaxation and reflection, some on artistic fun, some the important questions you should ponder, and some – on day-to-day tasks… but believe me, all of them benefit you!

I’ve prepared and organised them for you that will tickle our artistic buds and invite you to the world of daily practice – in a light, organic and intuitive way!

– The most important and one repeated every day is “Daily Journal”, – and I think you will love it as it is short, sweet and fun… and helps you stretch your creative muscles a bit.

It is published each day with prompts that won’t take too long to complete but will spark your creativity for the whole day!

Because I believe the “Daily Journal” is the most beneficial when done in the morning and earlier during the day, you can expect the whole range of our “Daily Activities” section to open the evening before so you can plan your day accordingly… but there is no pressure here!

– Other activities waiting for you in the chapters of the Retreat are a bit longer or require some action outside of your Autumn Art Journal – they are short relaxations, activities, larger creative projects or simple rituals – all picked carefully to help you go through the process in the most beneficial and gentle way!
Do you have to complete them all now? Of course not!

Flexibility is the key, and it should be all taken in a light-hearted manner!

But this is not all – we also have our Live Sessions!

  • Art Dates are the longer, project and process-focused meetings when I encourage you to create along with me – and as a result, we get a fully finished, meaningful project. There are 3 Art Dates scheduled for our Retreat. This time, I’ve planned them for weekend dates only at 7pm CET, 6 pm GMT, 1 pm ET, and 10 am PT.

    Our first Art Date and the official start of the Online Retreat is this Sunday, 24th September; you will get all the info about it the day before!
  • Art To Heart Chats are my comments on the prompts and tasks planned for each day. You can expect to get additional information, context and suggestions. I will show you my take on the creative prompts and give you ideas on how to alter them to suit your needs!

    I’ve planned Art to Heart Chats to happen at 7 pm CET, 6 pm GMT, 1 pm ET, and 10 am PT.

Once I start streaming, you can join me and comment by clicking on the YouTube logo, or you can watch here if you prefer! All the Live Streams, both Art Dates and Art to Heart Chats, are recorded and possible to watch later here or on YouTube through our private link!

It is the best experience to participate in the Art Date or Chat when it is live – the synergy of the group and the chance to interact with each other make it a unique and beneficial activity. But, on the other hand, watching them later, when you are at peace and in a comfortable space, makes a lot of sense, too! So again – make it work for you without any regrets!

Our Into Autumn Online Retreat is spread over three weeks, and here are the dates for your convenience:

22nd September (Friday)

24th September (Sunday) – Art Date

26th September (Tuesday)

28th September (Thursday)

1st October (Sunday) – Art Date

3rd October (Tuesday)

5th October (Thursday)

7th October (Saturday) – Art Date

8th October (Sunday) – Art Date

13th October (Friday) – Celebration and Wrap Up

Please remember and take my words below seriously:

Don’t be hard on yourself if you skip an activity or even a whole day!

This is not a competition or a test, and skipping a step or two won’t ruin or stop your experience. There is a bit of time between days, and you can always catch up later if you wish. Also, each day unfolds differently, and we take a different approach to the topics we work on.

It is ok to skip. It is ok to do just a bit.
It is ok just to read the chapters of the day – YOU ARE IN THE PROCESS ANYWAY.

These little seeds are already planted and may sprout in a most unexpected way and time!

You may see you wish to return a few days later and repeat some of the activities after the workshop. You may want to take some of the exercises to a larger scale or with a different mindset – it is a natural part of this process.

This is all ok – repeating the same activities after a break may bring new, valuable results!

Our purpose for this workshop is to kindle your inspiration and start a change that needs a lot of steps to complete. So whatever happens – go with your flow and be kind and forgiving to yourself.

Trust the process. It is all about YOU!

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