Chapter 20: Ritual: Snail Mail


When I started my journey as a crafter and artist years ago, our online space was filled with a bunch of crazy enthusiasts, and the energy levels were going through the roof! Our message boards were filled with discussions and invitations to creative games and challenges, and we couldn’t wait to see the next activity we could participate in!

I guess it was partly because arts and crafts were a fresh topic in our online space, and we were enchanted with all the inspirations we could find online and all the techniques, materials and tools. We were very active, and it was common to participate in the weekly or monthly online events. Still, after a short time, we realised what was the most exciting was not just admiring our art posted in the groups, but being able to see it in person, touch and examine all the details… or cherish what was done by the artist we love as our big treasure in our collection!

We all started some small or big artistic swaps of all sorts!

Small gift exchanges, round robins (travelling art journals) or Artist Trading Cards were not only a great motivation to create but a lovely activity which pulled us closer together and started a lot of long-lasting friendships over the years.
There is something magical about opening a beautifully packed handmade card or box. The joy of receiving unexpected handmade gifts, trading cards, or “surprise boxes” can bring so much happiness and make the most beautiful memories.

How about turning this beautiful, heart-warming, inspiring activity into your small creative ritual? Here are two simple ideas!

Ritual: Snail Mail

We often create small projects and art pieces – just for our pleasure or thinking about offering them to our friends and family as a gift. These can be cards, tags, mini-books, or boxes – endless possibilities!

How about using these small creations as “happy snail mail” we will send to our creative friends or people we admire? From my experience, I know how other creators appreciate gifts like that and how much joy they can bring!

You can even turn this “Snail Mail” ritual into your small challenge and partner with your creative friend to secretly make mini projects inspired by your chosen topic – oh, the anticipation and then a surprise when you open the package is just priceless!

1. “Challenge and Swap”

Find a “friend in art” or a small group of them, and explain you’d like to make an art exchange or a challenge soon. You can agree on the form of art you wish to exchange, such as cards, tags or similar small and easy-to-post objects. The other option is choosing a topic, working on it secretly, and then posting it to each other. If a group of you is working together, you can randomly pick a partner for the swap!
When the deadline comes, you send your artwork, and then you can make your own “big reveal” party online or in person. You can run a similar swap as often as you wish, but remember to change the forms, inspirations or materials used to keep the idea fresh!

2. “Happy Mail”

Commit to sending some surprise “happy mail” to people you love, miss, or would like to put a smile on their faces. Plan to do it once a month, every two months, or quarterly – but try to stick to your commitment! You can pick one person or send a surprise to a different person every time – it is up to you.

Make a small project such as a greeting card, mini collage, tag or a box and make sure to fill it with your love: a handwritten note, a small charming gift, a piece of candy or even a photo of anything you like with a short letter. Nothing too expensive or valuable – just a sweet little nothing! Pack it well and send it to your crafty friend or loved one.

Little packages filled with love and inspiration are such a great way of taking care of our friendships – but they work best if we send them knowing that we do not always we will get a response. Don’t get discouraged, though – remember the “Rule of Attraction” and keep going as long as it feels right!

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