Would you like to get more confident with dimensional, baroque-inspired compositions? Would you like to add more texture and depth to your projects, and you’d like to know how to marry vintage images and elements with colour? Check out this Mini Video Class – it is just perfect for you!

“Be Brave” is an excellent example of how beautiful, shimmery colours can go perfectly with multiple elements and textures. This Mini Class is focused on building layers and adding details. There is depth, transparency, texture, the richness of embellishments and finally – colour! Although small in size, the canvas feels rich, ornate and sophisticated. This collage is a real eye-candy, and with all the tips, tricks and detailed explanations to follow, you can make your own artwork with confidence!

During the inspirational video, you can watch all the creative processes in detail and learn about the most popular and important mixed-media products, such as gesso and gels. You will step into the beautiful, shimmering world of Mica Powders and Waxes and learn many fun and useful techniques you’d like to use more and more!

“Be Brave” Video Class will take you step-by-step through the process, starting with the very bottom layers: tissue papers and stencils, then building the composition, and then finally to the last details and touches. All the techniques and products are explained and presented in a simple and encouraging way.
As usually in mixed media, all the techniques may be easily applied to other projects on various surfaces to create a unique, inspiring look!
This dynamic, informative and encouraging Video Class is suitable for all – only an elementary crafting experience is needed!

Video duration: 33 min 37s
Language: English with English subtitles

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