Important questions about finding the space and time for art, inspiration, your personal style, and understanding your relationship with the creative process. There were so many questions about how to deal with creative blocks, perfectionism, fear and negative thoughts, that I was asked during my classes.

I started to think about how can I share my experience and give you a hand – because you know – I can relate!
I love my job – it is my passion and my source of joy… Yet from time to time I can feel my energy going down, my mood swinging, my creative powers get close to zero and ideas are nowhere to be found. I start questioning myself and my abilities, I get stuck in self-doubt and put so much pressure on my shoulders to carry on performing. I keep going through this storm relying on my professionalism and experience, using my stubbornness as fuel, but there is no flair, no joy.

So, why are we here?

I’ve been on this roller coaster many times during my career. Over the years during my ups and downs, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking things over, trying a good bunch of solutions and experimenting with various ideas. I was learning all that to help myself and to help others and now, my goal is to share my experience and knowledge – so you can take the easier route than me and stay on the creative path with confidence, joy and lightness. All our confusion, hard emotions, exhaustion and burnout – it is not THE END, this is just a very important message from ourselves that we should read and accept: time to stop for a moment, check in on yourself, adjust the sails and recharge!

I strongly believe in the power of transformation and our ability to make changes in our life, when we put our intention and energy into it. The changes may be small at first, but they go deep and affect many aspects of our life. To start the change we need to find out who we are, where we are now and start from there with an open head and heart… and here I come with my “Creativity Whispering” online courses!

Now I'd like to aks you these important questions:

Are you ready for the meeting with your inner artist?

Would you like to know this person a bit more, learn his/her desires, art language and the most natural ways of expression? What questions would you like to ask this person? Do you think you can become best friends, for life? I hope the answer is yes – and I hope you are ready to work on these important aspects of our creative life… but you may notice soon this process goes far deeper than that!

What to expect during Creativity Whispering 2 Class?

– We are going to focus on our inner artist and creative voice – learning more about this special person in easy to follow, fun activities.
– We are going to open for the change in our creative and everyday life by finding the best creative routines, habits and exercises.
– We are going to work with our inner creative child, bringing the factor of fun and playing games into our creative practice and everyday life
– We are going to use our emotions as fuel for the creative process, take ourselves outside of our box and respect our needs in the creative life
– We are going to acknowledge the concerns and doubts we may have and learn how to let go and how to deal with these pitfalls in our creative process
– We are going to learn to take our art in a bit more lighthearted manner
– We are going to go to the new level of our creative life while creating art and making simple steps, activities and exercises.

How is it all going to happen?

Daily newsletters and posts on this website with activities helping you assess, transform and activate your creative powers and to learn useful skills and tactics. Small steps, our rules!
Four live meetings where we discuss, chat and support each other through our journey. The power of the group is priceless and our energy multiplies!
One large and two small art projects, created with me during live sessions, helping us to meet and know better our inner artist, understand our insecurities and practice art with more freedom. Creating together is the best thing ever!
Elements of relaxation, positive affirmations and activities, listening to our inner voice and honouring our inner wisdom. All of this – in an easy follow the way, suitable for everyone, no matter what your beliefs are. We all speak the same language of art, love, mental health and working on positive changes!

Our goal is to help you get in connection with your inner creative voice, your inner artist – and learn the best ways to work together as a team from now on! We are going to dive deep into such aspects of the creative life as needs, desires, natural ways of expression and your private “creative vocabulary” – all that through valuable, inspiring activities based on my personal experience as a teacher and a certified coach working with Soul Coaching® Method by Denise Linn.

Please note:
No strict list of art supplies needed – this workshop is NOT technique and project orientated, however during creative sessions I’m going to give you my usual portion of technical tips and tricks and you will be able to learn about art products as well!

The Workshop is stretched over 9 days

The Workshop is stretched over 9 days and from now on it is available in the form of multiple daily activities and recordings – Art Dates with creative sessions and spontaneous Live Streams as a bonus.

Signing up for this class means you get lifetime access to all the recordings, activities and materials, and you can repeat the session as many times as you wish!

I honestly can’t wait to launch this project and feel all this exciting, creative energy in the air together with all of you!
I hope to see you in our virtual classroom!
With love

Important notes:

  1. You can set up an account only during the ordering process. Once you do it, your account, my classes, dashboard and other features will become available for you.
  2. After enrolling you should receive welcoming mail with access to FB group and lots of useful information. If you do not receive it, check carefully your spam box.

th January 2022(Saturday)
st January – 6th February 2022
th February (Sunday) 2022

Full Price: 78 EUR
Early Bird Price: 68 EUR (till January, 15th)


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