Up, up and away is a mini-video class that explores the marriage between something old and something new, the art of creating and filling your piece with meaning together in one beautiful, fantasy-inspired creation.

This flying house is somewhat of a metaphor for how sometimes help can come from where you least expect it.

Join me on this journey into the fantastical world of flying houses and create a little decoration that can serve as a reminder of the importance of opening up and turning to those around you even in the heaviest of moments.

In this class, you will learn to combine more “traditional” mixed media techniques with some tips and tricks from the world of miniatures and model making to take away and apply in any of your future projects.

Up, up and Away is suitable for crafters of all levels from seasoned and experienced to those just taking their first steps. A detailed explanation of each step, product used and the option to pause and rewatch as many times as necessary ensure you take away as much knowledge as possible.

During the class, you will get the opportunity to see the importance of choosing the correct products for the effect you would like to achieve, learn how to use countless Finnabair products and hopefully get inspired to take your own brushes, glues and paints out to go and apply these techniques on your creations!

Video duration: 31 min 29s

Language: Spoken English with English subtitles or with Spanish Subtitles

Instructor: Iveta Ziedina

Before paying, please make sure that you are buying desired language version. This class is in English with English Subtitles.

Iveta Ziedina

My name is Iveta aka Dainty Gifts and I am a mixed media artist and teacher, decoupage enthusiast and self-proclaimed craft fanatic!

While I was always “creative” and “artistic”, I spent my formative years creating in the wrong medium – music. It wasn’t until I went on a search for a new passion and creative outlet around 8 years ago that I found my love for all things arts and crafts. After many bumps, falls and lessons along the way I am now able to offer my knowledge, experience and passion to others through video classes, Patreon workshops and YouTube videos.

While I still find it difficult to pinpoint “my style”, one thing that I can promise you is that there will always be something new and different. Sometimes I draw inspiration from the depths of my soul and sometimes I create just because I could not control the “craft supply hoarding hamster” in my head and now I just HAVE TO! use this particular paint or paste otherwise the guilt will just eat me alive!

So, as you may already see – I don’t like putting a label on creativity or taking it too seriously and I don’t think you should either!

So if this sounds like a bit of you – come a long and let’s explore this magical, mysterious and forever-changing world of creativity!

Iveta xx


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