Chapter 23: Daily Journal: Wishes and Dreams

Hi again! How are you doing after yesterday’s Art Date, my Autumn Artists?

How is your project going? Is it ready, or would you like to add the finishing touches?

If the answer is yes, there is still time till our Art Date later today – and even the unfinished one will work for our process! This is the best part about intuitive art and our dialogue with our Creative Self – perfection is 100% overrated!

If you can – take your time, and if you keep working on your collage, please remember all the steps we took yesterday.
It is essential to get in touch with your “inner voice” (or with your “creative soul” if you prefer this name) and let yourself create with lightness, without expectations and stretching yourself to impress others.

How to keep the intuitive process going?

Here are the steps!

  • during your work, don’t forget about breathing, relaxing, and going with your intuition
  • it is helpful to take a step back and get “re-connected” to your creative side of personality again when you feel stuck
  • remember not to question the choices you are making
  • don’t forget about building the right mood: music, light, pleasant smells – whatever works for you!
  • last but not least – don’t forget to give your inner critic a day off! Time to create just for yourself and breathe freely!

Working on your collage is one thing, but if you have time and energy and want to take our “abundance invoking” process further – why not focus on our wishes and dreams – big and small?
It is important to send the universe a clear message about what we need and wish for, right?
Let’s grab our journals and use our art to work on this special wishlist!

Into Autumn Finnabair

Prompt: Wishes and Dreams

We’ve spoken a lot about the Rule of Attraction and inviting all the goodness and creative energy into our lives. During our Art Date, we’ve even made a unique and powerful work of art attracting the abundance into our creative life… but how about some clear instruction we can give to the universe and all the powers included? The power of intentions is one of the most potent tools to keep ourselves focused, creative and motivated!

Today, I’d like you to take your Art Journal and, on one side of the page, list the dreams you wish to come true in the coming months! You can stick strictly to the creative field or take it to all aspects of your life – there are no rules here!

Here is how:

  • Make the list as pretty and attracting attention as possible – add colours, shiny accents, and beautiful decorations.
  • When working on the list, keep in mind your strong intention: This is what I want in my life now! Keep writing until the list feels complete.
  • Now look again at your list and pick one of the wishes listed. Focus on the dream and use it as an inspiration to make a beautiful, colourful, magical page on the other side of your journal spread.
  • You can follow the words you wrote literally or imagine the dream comes true – how do you feel? What has changed in your life? Use these feelings and emotions as your fuel to create!

Have a beautiful, creative time!

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