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4 Artist Collaboration

Finnabair, Nuneka, Iveta and Olga Heldwein

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Finnabair Art Studio

Energy & creative powers

Do you feel your energy going down from time to time and your creative powers get close to zero?

Personal style

Do you struggle to see your personal style and it is hard for you to simply let go and follow your inner creative voice?


Do you struggle with making decisions on what to do and how? Or your ideas seem to be nowhere to find, and your creative mojo is lost?


Do you feel it is hard for you to get your work and life balanced and you struggle to find the time for your art practice?

Your abilities

Do you question yourself, your abilities and get stuck in negative thoughts and self doubt?

How to deal

Do you wan to know how to transform your approach to deal with creative blocks, fears, distractions, perfectionism and your inner critic?

Finnabair Mixed-Media classes

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Forest Witch Collage

Would you like to take a step into the world of imagination, where the ordinary turns into magical and the colours, textures and elements mixed together create the most unique, enchanting look?

Creativity Whispering Class series

Registration for first and second class is open!

Creativity Whispering 1: Make Room for Your Voice

Teacher: Finnabair
9 days class
Regular price: 78 EUR

Creativity Whispering 3: Spread Your Wings

Teacher: Finnabair
online class, 9 days

Creativity Whispering 2: Art is the Answer

Teacher: Finnabair
9 days class
Regular Price: 78 EUR

Creativity Whispering 4: Now is the Right Time

Teacher: Finnabair
online class, 9 days


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