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Estimated timing:
this online Retreat is going to be spread over 9 days
between 22nd September till 13th October

Autumn is the time of the harvest, fruition and cooperation. There is so much in nature to collect, gather and take energy from… nature is simply overflowing with goodness! All the gifts of Autumn can be not only received but also transformed, preserved and kept for us to use and benefit in the future – to nourish our loved ones and us whenever we are in need.

These aspects of Autumn are powerful yet subtle forms of inspiration for our artistic life.
Furthermore we are not an isolated island but a member of a creative community which constantly makes artworks and products that keep the process of creativity going!

Do you wonder how you can find your rightful space in such a complicated organism? And how to benefit from the creative exchange of ideas, inspiration and knowledge?
Would you like to know how not to overstep somebody’s space and
how you can be a respected source for others? How to share space and ideas to ensure the creative powers multiply and grow in harmony?

Are you ready to accept the abundance of gifts you may get and let yourself transform them beautifully without self-doubt and questioning your skills and abilities?

Naturally, there is enough space for all of us, and our voices and talents are unique and needed to make our creative tribe stronger!

We are here to help you and join forces on this creative journey – with intuitive, organic art, journalling, mindfulness and many other sources waiting to be claimed and used!

Seasons of Creativity: Into Autumn

What to expect?

  • we will take care of our identity as a creator and our rightful place in a creative community focusing on cooperation, inspiration and supporting each other in the process of growing
  • we will focus on showing our talent, passion and creativity without shame or self-doubt or fear
  • step by step, we will work on the essential aspects of inspiration, uniqueness and artistic sensitivity and learn how to create the most original projects
  • moreover, we will learn how to deal with criticism and jealousy and to work with various creative blocks in a gentle and light-hearted way
  • we will respect our emotions, personal stories and needs and celebrate the way we can inspire and support each other as artistic souls and creators
  • and last but not least, we will develop easy-to-follow, fun, creative habits and work on our mindset, one step at a time!moreover

How is it all going to happen?

Here is our plan for the 9 days of the process:

  • Daily newsletters and posts on this website with activities taking us into the world of creativity and inspiration and going through all the blocks or problems we may experience. Lightness and gentleness is the key!
  • Five live meetings (Art Dates) where we discuss, chat and support each other through our journey. The power of the creative tribe is priceless, and our energy multiplies!
  • Live Chat Sessions focused on daily activities, art journalling prompts and offering inspiration, support, and creativity boosts to experience the whole process to the fullest.
  • One large and two small art projects, created with me during Live Art Dates, focused on our natural style, the abundance of positive inspiration and organic creativity. Creating together is the best thing ever!
  • Daily journaling prompts and more complex, inspiring activities to help us develop healthy, manageable and encouraging creative habits. We want to take the pressure off and work with inspiration and creativity layer after layer – small steps, our unique way!
  • Elements of relaxation, positive affirmations and activities, following the paths of nature and our Inner Creative Spirit.
  • Facebook Group for all the participants, space for us to chat and share the experience. Support of the friendly group of like-minded people participating in the same process as you is the best encouragement!

All of this above comes in an easy-to-follow way, suitable for everyone, regardless of your beliefs. We all speak the same language of art, love, mental health and working on positive changes!

Seasons of Creativity Into Autumn

What do you need to start?

Not much – a basic set of your favourite art supplies, a journal or book to work in, stretched canvas, curiosity, and a positive mindset! (you can check the PDF file with suggested art supplies here for your reference)

Important Notes:

  • No strict list of art supplies needed – this Workshop is NOT technique and project orientated; however, during creative sessions, I will give you my usual portion of technical tips and tricks, and you will be able to learn about art products as well!
  • The Workshop is stretched over 9 days, and signing up for this class means you get lifetime access to all the recordings, activities and materials, and you can repeat the session as many times as you wish!
  • You don’t need any Social Media accounts to be part of the process – all the Art Dates or Art to Heart Chats can be watched directly on the Finnabair Art Studio website.
  • There is a Facebook Group to accompany the Workshop, but joining is not mandatory.
  • After enrolling, you should receive welcoming mail with more information and all the updates you need for now. If you do not receive it, check your spam box carefully.
  • The “Seasons of Creativity” project is my own idea, and it’s based on my personal experience as a teacher and a certified coach working with Soul Coaching® Method by Denise Linn.

I honestly can’t wait to see you in our virtual studio and feel all this exciting, creative energy in the air together with all of you!

Sending hugs and love




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