If you are looking for a bit edgy look, a style that combines the old and the new, gothic and industrial vibe – this is the right mini class for you! Light and shadow, mystery and intriguing details – are you ready to take a risk and go a bit bolder in your creations?
I’m here to help!!

“Industrial Bird Collage” includes so many things I love. My style is massively influenced by assemblage art, where everyday objects turn into fantastic, eye-catching art elements… it is fascinating to build compositions like this and add life to them by carefully chosen colours, highlights and shadows. It can look a bit complicated…but with my suggestions, tips and tricks, you can do it too!

This Collage Video Class is filled with all you need to create with confidence: detailed instructions, simple steps, and essential information on the products and elements used – including the moulds of my own design. The whole process is recorded in detail, and you can watch it as many times as you wish! What is more, all the techniques may be easily applied in other projects on various surfaces to create a unique, inspiring look!

During the Mini Class, you will see how you can use gesso, gels, and coloured mediums on a found object to create an impressive, inspiring background for your composition. You may be surprised that the list of ingredients is not that long and is mainly based on Liquid Acrylic Paints, Metallique Wax and Metallic Flakes!

This dynamic, informative, encouraging Video Class is suitable for all; only an elementary crafting experience is needed!

Video duration: 33min 26s
Language: English with English subtitles

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