Would you like to make your own personalised and one-of-a-kind Junk Journal?
Are you looking for ideas for using all those scraps of paper and random embellishments you’ve been hoarding for ages! Perfect, I’m here to help!

This Mini Class was made for all of you who’d like to try something a bit different – creating a very special mixed-media book, perfect for your personal diary, art journal or as a gift for someone special. There is so much to look at: a wonderful, rich and shiny texture, intriguing details, and magical and inspiring elements to get you into a creative mood!

And inside?
The collection of your favourite papers, book pages, images, prints… just name it! The best part is it is not only easy to make but it’s based on an old book – so you can pick a really PERFECT and meaningful one to work in!

“Shabby Blue Junk Journal” Video Class is filled with all you need to create with confidence: detailed instructions, simple steps, and essential information on the products and elements used. As always, the whole process is recorded in detail, and you can watch it as many times as you wish! Finally, the techniques used for the journal cover may be easily applied in other projects, such as canvases, boxes or frames, and they work really well on various surfaces to create a unique, inspiring look.

During the Mini Class, you will see how to work inside and outside your Junk Journal. You’ll get all the helpful info on how (and why!) to use gesso for priming and dry brushing, how to use 3D Gel with stencils and Heavy Body Gel to put all the composition together! This class is also perfect for learning more about using Matte and Metallique Waxes and how to add Liquid Acrylic Paints for your finishing touches… and this is not all!

This dynamic, informative, encouraging Video Class is suitable for all; only an elementary crafting experience is needed! However, if you’d like to use the same simple binding technique I used, an eyelet tool of some kind will be necessary.

Video duration: 35min 04s

Language: English with English subtitles


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