Would you like to take a step into the world of imagination, where the ordinary turns into magical and the colours, textures and elements mixed together create the most unique, enchanting look? Transforming “trash” into “treasure” and building bold, eclectic visual stories is the essence of my creative style – and I’d love you to join me on this creative journey!

Forest Witch” really is a class for everyone – no matter if you took some of my “live” classes before or it is the first time for you to join my classroom online – you will be able to find here plenty of valuable ideas and inspiration.

This class is simply filled with my staple techniques and useful project and composition tips which will take you through the whole creative process building your confidence and knowledge of the various art supplies, mediums and tools. Detailed, step-by-step instructions are here to give you the basics of the composition, picking your elements and colours leaving plenty of space for your interpretation and experiments.

If you feel you are a beginner – don’t worry. The way the class is constructed is perfect for you: you are guided through the whole process by hand, straight to the magical world of mixed-media, filled with fun, inspiring and encouraging ideas. Although the project may look complex to you now, after all the steps we take together you will see how simple, doable and easy to adapt all the techniques are!

For the seasoned mixed-media artists, there are many “little treasures” waiting: fresh ideas, product alternatives, important tips on the key techniques and great attention to the detail of the presented project. If you took my classes in the past – you know exactly what to expect… but there is more!

Now you can take my class in the comfort of your own home, with easy access to all the resources and how many times you like, creating a unique, eclectic project every time!

“Forest Witch” online class is based on the mixed-media canvas project – filled with layers, intriguing textures and dreamy colours. You can be sure it will turn your imagination on, boost your energy and open you to the new areas of creativity – all that based on simple, encouraging video segments.

Together with the class, you are getting one long, detailed product information video as well, where you can learn about my product choices and learn the basics to complete the project stress-free!

During this online class you will learn:

  • how to gather the right supplies and elements to create a successful collage
  • how to include the image into a dimensional project
  • how to build a varied, 3D background
  • how to plan your composition for this project and balance the elements
  • how to get beautiful, eye-catching layers on your project
  • how to apply the mediums and paints to create this unique, eclectic look
  • how to apply the highlights to make the dimension of the art piece deeper and all the important details clearly visible
  • how to approach your process of creating art more unconventionally and recycle unusual found objects to create an intriguing composition
  • … and much more!
The Forest Witch Collage class is divided into 4 sections:
  • All You Need to Know Before Starting – video
  • 3 segments of the step-by-step process video

Total running time: over 110 min (1 hour 50 minutes of dynamic, fact-filled, edited content)

This class is offered as “instant access” – once you go through the purchasing and registration process you will get immediate full access to all sections of this class.

The PDF handout file is downloadable and printable, all 4 video lessons are streamable with lifetime access.

The class is available in 4 language versions: English (spoken+subtitles), Polish (spoken), French (subtitles) and Spanish (subtitles). Choose your version before you buy the class.


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