If you are looking for a fresh, not-so-traditional idea for Winter Home Decor, stop here!
I’d like to proudly present one of my favourite projects I made in the last months – Father Frost’s Hut!

This home decor project is based on the alteration of the metal birdhouse frame – but it can be easily done on any other surface and tiny home, so the sky is the limit!

There is so much to it: wonderful, rich, shiny textures on the outside, imitating the frost and icicles. There are deep, dark blue and violet tones combined with white accents and iridescent glitter for the perfect fairy-tale look.
The house is decorated outside, but a mini project is also hiding inside – a little surprise, a fun detail to play with! The whole project is a fantastic combination of the found objects, natural elements and metal embellishments, texture and colour… are you tempted to try to make something similar? I’m here to help!

“Father Frost’s Hut” Video Class is filled with all you need to create with confidence: detailed instructions, simple steps, and essential information on the products and elements used. Furthermore, the whole process is recorded in great detail, and you can watch it as many times as you wish! Finally, as I mentioned, the techniques may be easily applied in other projects on various surfaces to create a unique, inspiring look!

During the Mini Class, you will see how to prepare the surface and add all the elements. In addition, you will be able to get the information on the special effects used and all the helpful info on how (and why!) to use gesso, gels and Effect Paste to create texture and sparkle. You can expect a bit of everything for the colours: Finnabair Waxes, Liquid Acrylic Paints, Impasto Paints… but there is more!

This dynamic, informative, encouraging Video Class is suitable for all; only an elementary crafting experience is needed!
You may notice that due to the project’s size and shape, I had to come up with new solutions. I added one more camera, showing the table from the angle, which is very helpful with some parts of the video that are impossible to record from above.

Video duration: 1h 3min 39s
Language: English with English subtitles


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