Winter is the time of stillness and rest, gathering your powers before the following seasons and reflecting on your path. Although it seems to be stagnation, it is, in fact, a valuable time to recharge and focus on the most important aspects of life. As it is in nature – our creative process requires us to slow down, rethink, rest and focus to take a fresh, energetic approach in the future. Understanding and honouring this cycle makes it possible to establish a natural flow and good balance in our creative lives.

Do you wonder how to find time for your creativity and use it efficiently and in a fulfilling way?

Do you feel guilty sometimes, taking time for yourself and focusing on your creativity while there seem to be many important matters to attend to?

Would you like to see how art may be an essential part of your self-care practice and how to use your creative powers to focus on the most important aspects for you?

Are you interested in exploring the power of your intuition, following the subtle guidelines of your body and soul, and learning some valuable techniques to work with your mood, beliefs and personal stories?

We are here for you – ready to invite you to our supportive, inspiring circle and fill your life with inspiration, understanding and friendship!

We are waiting for you to join us on this creative journey – with intuitive, organic art, journalling, mindfulness, relaxation and many other valuable resources waiting to be discovered!

Into Winter Finnabair

What to expect?

Our Winter Retreat is dedicated to following our natural cycles and using art and creativity to establish balance and clarity in our lives. Just like in nature, winter is a time of rest and reflection. Our creativity may be used to find solace and relief and to refill our energy. Following our needs gently and kindly, taking time and focusing on the process is the key to growth and understanding our creative path.

  • we will focus on finding the best way to find time and energy to create and accept that we are all in need of recharging and re-setting from time to time. We will go through the discouraging creative blocks in a gentle, subtle way.
  • we will work on the essential aspects of creativity as a self-care practice, listening to our needs, honouring our stages, stories, feelings and emotions
  • we will learn some valuable techniques to help with time and stress management and include an essential mindful approach into our daily creative routines.
  • we will take time to reflect, look into ourselves and use creativity to relax, rest and take time without guilt and self-doubt.
  • we will develop easy-to-follow, fun, creative habits and work on our mindset, one step at a time!

What is not a surprise – all that will happen through the content you know and love already:

Art journalling prompts and exercises, relaxation, collage, intuitive art and activities and habits filling your life with meaningful art, growth, self-respect and good energy!

How is it all going to happen?

Here is our plan for the 9 days of the process:

  • Regular newsletters and posts on this website with activities taking us into the world of creativity and inspiration and going through all the blocks or problems we may experience. Lightness and gentleness is the key!
  • Five live meetings (Art Dates) where we discuss, chat and support each other through our journey. The power of the creative tribe is priceless, and our energy multiplies!
  • Live Chat Sessions focused on our activities, art journalling prompts and offering inspiration, support, and creativity boosts to experience the whole process to the fullest.
  • One large and two small art projects, created with me during Live Art Dates, focused on our natural style, your needs and organic creativity.
  • Regular art journaling prompts and more complex, inspiring activities to help us develop healthy, manageable and encouraging creative habits. We take the pressure off and work with inspiration layer after layer – small steps, our unique way!
  • Elements of relaxation, positive affirmations and following the paths of nature and our Inner Creative Spirit.
  • Facebook Group for all the participants, space for us to chat and share the experience. Support of the friendly group of like-minded people participating in the same process as you is the best encouragement!

All of this above comes in an easy-to-follow way, suitable for everyone, regardless of your beliefs. We all speak the same language of art, love, mental health and working on positive changes!

Into WInter: Finnabair

What do you need to start?

Not much – a basic set of your favourite art supplies, a journal or book to work in, stretched canvas, curiosity, and a positive mindset!

(you can check the PDF file with suggested art supplies here for your reference)

Important Notes:

  • No strict list of art supplies needed – this Workshop is NOT technique and project-orientated; however, during creative sessions, I will give you my usual portion of technical tips and tricks, and you will be able to learn about art products as well!
    (Suggested materials and supplies list – PDF LINK)
  • The Workshop is stretched over 9 days, and signing up for this class means you get lifetime access to all the recordings, activities and materials, and you can repeat the session as many times as you wish!
  • You don’t need any Social Media accounts to be part of the process – you can watch all the Art Dates or Art to Heart Chats directly on the Finnabair Art Studio website.
  • There is a Facebook Group to accompany the Workshop, but joining is not mandatory.
  • After enrolling, you should receive a welcoming mail with more information and all the updates you need for now. If you do not receive it, check your spam box carefully.
  • The “Seasons of Creativity” project is my own idea, and it’s based on my personal experience as a teacher and a certified coach working with the Soul Coaching® Method by Denise Linn.

I honestly can’t wait to see you in our virtual studio and feel all this exciting, creative energy in the air together with all of you!

Sending hugs and love



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