Chapter 24: Art Date: Abundance and Blessings- Live Meeting when we listen to the voice of our ouf Creative Soul


And here we are – time to make a special date with our magical project – Collage of Abundace!

I can’t wait to see what will happen tonight – this Art Date will complete our intuitive collage session and let us focus on all the blessings we’d like to invite into our lives. We can all have our list of wishes and dreams, but the idea remains the same – we need to focus on them and visualise them to help them happen. Art is one of the best ways to take these steps!

Yesterday, we were working on the collage – today, I’d like you to experience some magic, the hidden creative power inside of us. Join us Live if you can!

What do you need?

The best is to have your project with you, even if it is not finished yet. The process will not be less powerful if some details or tweaks are missing!

The best result is when your artwork is raw, honest and authentic to your feelings, emotions and preferences. You still have time to add the missing touches, though – remember the techniques we used yesterday and go for them!

Please note: If you don’t have your project done yet, I’d love you to join us too to experience the process and share your insights, and you will be able to return to this activity once you are ready with your intuitive project. Don’t miss this chance to experience the synergy of the group!

You should take a pen and your Autumn Journal with you – there may be some things you’d like to write down to ensure they don’t get lost!

The session with an intuitive collage is based on The Soul Coaching® techniques by Denise Linn.

Our Art Date is set up for Sunday, 8th October
7 pm CET, 6 pm GMT, 1 pm ET, 10 am PT

You can check the exact time in your time zone by clicking the link:

Once I start streaming, you can join me and comment by clicking on the YouTube logo, or you can watch here if you prefer! All the Live Streams, including Art Dates are recorded and possible to watch later here or on YouTube through our private link!

See you soon in my Virtual Art Studio – the Live Stream Video will appear below!

With love


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