Chapter 4: Daily Journal: You Are a Gift!


Hi again, my Autumn Artist!

Let’s make a proper welcome to your special, private space to have fun, reflect and celebrate – your Art Journal!

Are you ready to start this small romance with creativity and make some magic happen? Are you open to playfulness and good energy and prepared to let some fresh air into your creative process?

Yes? Here we go!

Let’s start with some food for thought…

From now on, I’ll be giving you some context and food for thought before I unfold all the planned activities – these topics and ideas we are focusing on this particular day, and they are all organised to make your journey as rich and smooth as possible.

Today is our first day, and before anything else, I invite you to look into yourself and see how precious you are.

To the world.

To your family, friends, and colleagues.

To the crafting community.

Believe it or not, we are all connected, all getting energy from each other, sharing ideas and inspiration… but also the darker moods and disempowering beliefs.
Some people around us seem to attract a lot of friends and good ideas; their spaces are filled with colour or sparkling with lovely, fresh, creative energy you enjoy.
Some creators seem to use their space primarily to compete with others, vent and complain… I’m sure you know what I mean!
The truth is that simply breathing in and out the essence of who we are influences others around us – so it would be great if our “gifts” were as pure, positive and energetic as possible, right?

You probably heard the “rule of sympathy” – similar people, energies, and natures attract. From my experience, it is very much true in the arts, crafts and social media world!
People of certain kinds flock together, and it is partly your choice which group you will attract to yourself. Most likely, you’d like to avoid the unpleasant, draining situations and people who pull you down – so the best way to keep them away is to make sure your “personal space” and energy will be far, far from the one you don’t enjoy!

We are all unique and full of beautiful talents and gifts we can share with others – today, we are focusing on yours!

Art Journal Prompt: You Are a Gift!

Today, I’d like you to focus on the “gifts” you send to the world and the people surrounding you daily. You can focus only on the creative community if you wish!

Take a pen and a piece of paper (it can be one of the pages in your Autumn Journal) and start a list of the emotions, messages or information people may be getting from you every day.
Don’t think too much; just write the words that come to your mind. No perfection is needed.

This is an excellent exercise helping you identify your communication style and general energy and, if needed, make some changes in the future!

For example, your list of “gifts” may look like this:

  • encouragement
  • creative tips
  • project ideas
  • technical details
  • compassion
  • visual inspiration

  • listening to their stories
  • undivided attention
  • an invitation to playful activities
  • sharing personal details
  • your opinions
  • your beliefs
  • your comments on the current affairs
  • … and so on!

This list may be long or short, but if done right, it works as a mirror to see your “personal vibe” and what kind of people you may attract.

Check on the list – which of the “gifts” are you happy about? Which ones need a bit of your attention? Some may be the ones you’d like to boost a bit, and some may need to be put away for some time. Remember the “rule of sympathy” and think of the best choices for you!

Into Autumn

Now – time for the creative part!

Look at your list again and pick one of the “gifts” you’d really like to share with others.

Maybe the one that needs special attention and boosting?

Use this word or expression to inspire a simple journal page!
Make it beautiful, inviting and strong. Give this “gift” all the needed energy to shine and attract others!

How? Here are some ideas!

  • play with different fonts, colours, and sizes – write the word over and over again in a fun, playful way
  • cut out the letters from a newspaper and incorporate the word into your journal page – make a “mysterious letter” or simply a fun, energetic collage
  • use your expression as an inspiration and play with colours and shapes to make a fun, optimistic landscape

Your imagination is the limit!

Once we are familiar with the concept of gifts, it is time to take it to the next level. Today, I’d like to invite you for our first Art Date!

Go ahead and open the next chapter of our class!

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