Hi! It’s so good to see you here, Creative Soul!

We assume you like mixed-media art and would like to know more about the mysterious world of art journalling or start your own private journal.

Or maybe you are already on this creative path and would like to get a new perspective, go a bit deeper, and unfold new, creative adventures?

Are you looking for a good portion of inspiration and creative fun served in a relaxed, friendly, and pressure-free atmosphere?

This FREE Online Retreat is just perfect for you!

Art-journaling Online Free Retreat

The “Art Journal Journeys” Free Retreat is an online event stretched over 6 days where you can look into the personal creative space of 2 seasoned artists: Finnabair and Nuneka.

You will learn new creative approaches and techniques and discuss all the essential questions we all have – finding fresh inspiration, energy to create and how to stay away from unnecessary pressure.

If you are a beginner, just dipping your toes into the mixed media and art journalling world, this is a perfect adventure to start with. You will find many practical, encouraging tips that will help you along your creative journey.
Advanced artists will be encouraged to develop their art practice further, helping them find fresh perspectives, ideas, and inspiration.

Sign up now and become a part of our warm, supportive community of like-minded individuals.
This FREE Online Retreat is not just about learning new techniques, it’s about sharing our creative journeys, supporting each other, and having fun together through informative videos, live streams, and discussions!

Art Journalling is a unique journey – different and fascinating for each of us!

Art-Journaling Journeys Free Retreat

What to expect?

  • Newsletters and posts on the Finnabair Art Studio website take you through the process. Small steps, our rules!
  • 3 livestream sessions (Art to Heart Chats)where both artists talk about their inspirations and creative process, give tips and answer questions. During these chats, we support each other throughout our journey. The power of the group is priceless, and fellow artists are the best encouragement!
  • 2 full Video Classes showing the Art Journaling process step by step and in detail. The videos are accompanied by product lists, extra creative tips and technical suggestions.
  • 2 mini “Boosters” with additional Art Journal Page ideas, giving you even more insight, techniques and inspiration.
  • Facebook Group—a space for discussion, live comments, chats, and sharing the experience. Support from a friendly group of like-minded people participating in the same process as you is the best encouragement!

All of this above comes in an easy-to-follow way, suitable for everyone, regardless of your beliefs. We all speak the same language of art, love, mental health and working on positive changes!

Art-Journaling Journeys Free Retreat

What do you need to start?

Not much – a basic set of your favourite art supplies, a journal or a notebook of any kind or any other surface to work on, a bit of curiosity, and a positive mindset!

(you can check the PDF file with suggested art supplies here for your reference)

Important Notes:

    • No strict list of art supplies needed – this event is flexible and not strictly technique and product-orientated; however, during our video presentations, we will give you a portion of technical tips and tricks, and you will be able to learn about art products as well!

    • The Retreat spans over 6 days, and you’ll have access to it until June 5th, 2024.

    • This means you can revisit each session as many times as you like, allowing you to learn at your own pace and fully absorb the content. And if you’re hungry for more, you can secure lifetime access by signing up for our exclusive Video Class: Art Journal Journeys—Scenic Routes. This special offer will be available once our Online Retreat starts and will include some exciting extras!

    • You don’t need any Social Media accounts to participate in the process—all the Videos and Livestream Sessions can be watched directly on the Finnabair Art Studio website. There is an activity in the Facebook Group to accompany the Workshop, but joining is not mandatory. After enrolling, you should receive a welcoming mail with more information and all the updates you need for now. If you do not receive it, check your spam box carefully.

Ready to embark on this unique Art Journal Journeys?
Sign up now and I hope to see you on the other side!


16th May 2024 (Thursday) – Introduction

18th May 2024 (Saturday) – Livestream Chat 1 (recorded)

19th May 2024 (Sunday) – Recorded Video Class

25th May 2024 (Saturday) – Livestream Chat 2 (recorded)

26th May 2024 (Sunday) – Recorded Video Class

5th June 2024 (Wednesday) – Livestream Chat 3 (Q & A Session – recorded)

Your teachers:



You might know me as Finnabair, but my real name is Anna Dabrowska-Pekocka, and I’m a mixed-media artist, teacher, coach and product designer.

Transforming and upcycling everyday objects is the cornerstone of my craft; to make this “casual magic” possible for everyone, I develop approachable techniques for all skill levels. Between textures and paint, my love for dimensional artwork shaped my distinctive style. Mix in expressive freedom, awakening a creative spark each person holds inside, and therapeutic, releasing powers of art, and you’ll have a picture of my core values.

What had started as a hobby, in 2011 transformed into teaching in-person mixed media classes with immediate success. In 2013, I established a long-term relationship with one of the top craft suppliers worldwide, Prima Marketing; since then, I have counted myself among the most active and best-known product designers in the mixed-media world. The products I come up withstand out thanks to their distinctive style, which is unique to my brand, and blur the line between craft supplies, home décor, and fine art.

After over ten years on the market, I’m one of the most recognizable and experienced professional teachers in my field. My classes are in great demand, and I continuously strive to deliver the best possible experience and quality to my students. Being able to say that I successfully turned my passion into a full-time job is an incredible feeling.

My mission? To continue this magical, artistic journey, and guide, teach and encourage as many creative souls as I can on their path of self-discovery.
Art is always the Answer.



My name is Nuneka, and I’m a mixed media artist and product designer from Madrid, Spain. I’ve been teaching classes since 2018 and have turned my passion for mixed media into my full-time job. Since 2021, I’ve designed Colors for Lindy’s Gang, and I’ve also created products for other brands such as The Dusty Attic, Funky Fossil, and AB Studio.

Photography was my first artistic love; landscapes and all kinds of living beings showcased the beauty of our world. Composition, light, and precision come naturally to me. I initially began creating travel journals to preserve photos and memories from my trips, and in my search for new materials and techniques for these journals, I discovered mixed media. My passion for knowledge knows no limits, and I am always seeking ways to integrate new things I learn into my artwork.

My works are characterized by cleanliness, a keen sense of color and composition, and a special eye for detail. I still love to explore, which leads me to various kinds of projects, but they all share a common thread: storytelling, much like photography. In my classes, I help you discover the storyteller within, providing you with the tools and techniques you need to infuse meaning and purpose into all your projects.


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