Winter is a truly magical time. I have made a mini-class mixed-media class on how to create a wonderful Winter decor that can also serve as an excellent gift for your loved ones.. I’ll show you how to make a unique Dome-Lamp with a magical golden deer and a shaker of artificial snow from an ordinary lamp. The warm light of the LEDs gives a cosy and festive atmosphere.

Mixed Media deer mini class

I adore the theme of a golden Winter time, so I decided to make this Winter decor in golden shades. I will be using Finnabair’s gold products, especially the Gold Metallic Flakes that I love so much.
Feel free to choose any colour combination and theme you prefer.

Mixed Media deer mini class
Mixed Media deer mini class

This decor will serve as a lovely addition to your Winter interior or you can please one of your friends with such an amazing, unique gift.

Video Class is suitable for all – only an elementary crafting experience is needed!

Video duration: 23 min 52s

Language: English with English subtitles


Margarita Shkludova

Hello! My name is Margarita Shkludova. On Instagram you can know me as @eplusi_handmade

I create with the amazing Finnabair’s team and am happy to share my knowledge, experience and of course inspiration with you.

Creativity has been with me since childhood. I loved studying in children’s creative studios. Graduated from children’s art school. But then for a long time, my paints lay in a closet in a pile of forgotten things. One day, after a long period of life, I realized that only creativity could fill my inner world with energy again. It was decoupage, scrapbooking and finally the wonderful world of mixed media. Now in my projects, I combine various techniques and methods. I convey my mood, thoughts and feelings through them.

I invite you to dive into this incredible colourful world of mixed media with me. After all, it is interesting, fun fills with energy and inspiration!


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