Chapter 16: Daily Journal: A Night in the Museum


Have you ever wondered which creators and styles have the most significant influence on your creative process? Can you say where you gather your “ingredients” and how your projects reflect your personal taste? Today is a great moment for that!

You can look at your artwork in a more inquisitive way and identify the sources of your inspiration – and pay a little tribute to your “great masters” in a fun, creative way, of course!
It is time to use our Autumn Art journal to make a small, private exhibition!

Into Autumn

Art Journal Prompt: A Night in the Museum

Imagine you have the opportunity and funds to create your own gallery filled with all the art you admire and desire to see in person. You can include painters, sculptors, illustrators, mixed-media artists – whoever catches your eye, sparks interest and fills your heart with joy!

There are no limits here – we can make it happen if only you play along and work on this special tribute page to your “favourite masters”! It’s time to fill your art gallery with the art you love and enjoy looking at!

Are you ready?
Here are the simple steps:

1. Make a short list of the artists or creators you admire and have a look at their art online.

Pick one favourite artwork from each and print it in a smaller scale (if possible – in colour) so they can all fit on your journal page. Don’t overthink or try to impress others with your choice – make it just for yourself, following your preferences and personal taste!

2. Grab some tape, paper scraps, pencils, pens, and some glue.

Turn your art Journal spread into a “Museum Wall” and glue in all the small images, adding a beautiful, shiny frame to each of them! You can paint the wall before framing all the artwork – make it elegant, whimsical, vintage or simply plain, whatever feels right for you!

3. Make sure you have space for one more extraordinary project! Print a small photo of your piece of art of any kind – choose the one you love and are proud of! Add it to the gallery, and don’t forget to frame it beautifully!

4. Add the artist’s name and the artwork’s title to each art piece. Admire your collection and your own project, all displayed in your private Museum!

Do you need some more ideas?

Instead of the art projects, how about glueing in the photos or portraits of the artists? Don’t forget about the beautiful frames and adding their names, of course!

Now, the last frame on the wall belongs to you – find a photo of yourself and shamelessly stick it into the last frame next to your art heroes! Add a name to your portrait and all the details that feel right. Amdire your special collection – you are now in the best company, don’t you think?

How about putting into action the ideas we’ve discussed today?
Are you ready for a bit more of “stealing like an artist”? Go to the next chapter and get your Art Journal ready!

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