Would you like to get more confident with dimensional, clustered compositions with a pinch of drama? Would you like to add eye-catching texture and depth to your projects, and you’d like to know how to marry romantic, vintage and steampunk elements? I’m here to help – this Mini Video Class – is just perfect for you!

“Daydreaming” covers most of the “signature” Finnabair style concepts such as using dimensional objects, layering, building textures and interesting visual effects, art mediums, paints, and sparkle. This is an excellent opportunity to get inspired to use various elements made with moulds, including the ones from the latest 2022 release.
This round collage is romantic yet grungy, and with all the tips, tricks and detailed explanations, you can make your own artwork with confidence!

During the video, you can watch all the “creative magic” happen and get ideas for the beautiful, textured backgrounds based on Tissue Papers and Crackle Effect Paste. Later on, you will see the most important part of the project – the finishing touches – in great detail and see many stages of the work, which can help you decide on your own final look! During the Mini Class, you will also learn about essential mixed-media products such as gesso, gels, Metallique, Opal Magic and Liquid Acrylic Paints and Metallique Waxes.

“Daydreaming” Video Class will take you step-by-step through the process, explaining the techniques and giving all the needed info on the used products. The whole process is recorded in detail, and you can watch it as many times as you wish!

What is more, all the techniques may be easily applied to other projects on various surfaces to create a unique, inspiring look!

This dynamic, informative, encouraging Video Class is suitable for all – only an elementary crafting experience is needed!

Video duration: 40 min 48s

Language: Spoken English with English subtitles or with Spanish Subtitles.

Instructor: Finnabair

Before paying, please make sure that you are buying desired language version. This class is in English with English Subtitles.

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