Our life is filled with moments that we want to remember. We take photos and store them on the computer. How often do we review these photos and remember those wonderful moments? Very rarely. Another thing is if the photo was beautifully framed and decorates a shelf or wall in your home. A layout is a beautiful object that I will show you in this tutorial. I want to invite you to a warm, calm evening by the sea.

I’ll tell you the rules and techniques that I use in my work. Using them you will make your harmonious layout. You can use any colour palette and theme you want. In my layout, I used universal Finnabair products that are not tied to the marine theme.

With the help of stencils and texture pastes, you can create your own unique background.

I will also talk about one of my favourite Finnabair products – Heavy Body Gel. It is not only a great glue for heavy decor elements, but it’s also the perfect base for creating a unique texture paste just for your project!

This Mini Class is suitable for all levels of crafting experience.

Video duration: 26 minutes 45 seconds

Language: English with English subtitles


Margarita Shkludova

Hello! My name is Margarita Shkludova. On Instagram you can know me as @eplusi_handmade

I create with the amazing Finnabair’s team and am happy to share my knowledge, experience and of course inspiration with you.

Creativity has been with me since childhood. I loved studying in children’s creative studios. Graduated from children’s art school. But then for a long time, my paints lay in a closet in a pile of forgotten things. One day, after a long period of life, I realized that only creativity could fill my inner world with energy again. It was decoupage, scrapbooking and finally the wonderful world of mixed media. Now in my projects, I combine various techniques and methods. I convey my mood, thoughts and feelings through them.

I invite you to dive into this incredible colourful world of mixed media with me. After all, it is interesting, fun fills with energy and inspiration!


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