If you feel the desire to create but you`re scared to start or you find mixed media intimidating and complicated, then this class is for you. Creating a tag from scratch, using a few products and things you probably already own is going to be a fun and entertaining journey for you along with me.

Easy class, beginner-friendly with simple, but effective techniques, that will be useful for everyone in their mixed media journey. Creating a composition with a couple of mould pieces, a nice and smooth transition in colour and creating depth for that natural look. Using stencils and pastes in a common, stress-free way, but at the same time having the ability to achieve a beautiful, shimmery and impressing project.

You`ll learn how to use stencils and apply pastes in a variety of ways to accomplish fading effect and a glamorous look for your projects. Jewel pastes will make your job incredibly effortless for that matter, because of their ingredients and sparkle.

This Mini Class is suitable for all levels of crafting experience.

Video duration: 31 minutes 58 seconds

Language: English with English subtitles

Martina Stoycheva

I`m Martina Stoycheva born, raised and living currently in Burgas, Bulgaria. My journey with mixed media started in 2017 and still has its hold on me. I adore the creative freedom of the style and with each project learn new ways of creativity and new ideas spring to life.

I can never follow an idea in my head completely. I always make turns and change my mind on the way. So my brain works a little bit messy. But I do enjoy it and I must admit some of my best creations come to life because of that ”glitch”.

So as a conclusion, I advise you to follow our own flow. It`s never wrong.


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