Let’s jump into the world of the eye-catching, dimensional layers of embellishments, metallic flakes and coats of paints, waxes and art mediums! Putting together sparkle, soft, feminine aspects, and dark, heavy elements and colours is possible and works really well – your imagination is the limit, and there are so many possibilities to use this set of techniques!

Grungy Boho

The “Grungy Boho Collage” is rich in techniques and creative ideas, which you can easily transfer to other surfaces and projects.

Multiple “signature” Finnabair style concepts are included in it: layering, building dimensional, eclectic compositions, working with lights and shadows and interesting visual effects using inspiring art mediums, paints, and elements.

Metallic Flakes and Antiquing Waxes, Liquid Acrylic and Sparks Paints are just a few from the list of products included. The true heroes of this story are elements made in Finnabair moulds and metal embellishments – all working together to create this rich, magical look.

Grungy Boho

Let your creativity flow and create a unique, artistic project based on beautiful, rich textures and inspiring colours – all that to get one of a kind wooden panel, perfect for decorating your space or for giving as a gift to your loved ones!

This dynamic, informative, encouraging Video Class is suitable for all; only an elementary crafting experience is needed! You may use other surfaces to put this project together: stretched canvas, MDF, metal or cardboard!

Video duration: 32min 21s

Language: English with English subtitles


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You might know me as Finnabair, but my real name is Anna Dabrowska-Pekocka, and I’m a mixed media artist, teacher, coach and product designer.

Transforming and upcycling everyday objects is the cornerstone of my craft; to make this “casual magic” possible for everyone, I develop approachable techniques for all skill levels. Between textures and paint, my love for dimensional artwork shaped the distinctive style. Mix in expressive freedom, awakening a creative spark each person holds inside, and therapeutic, releasing powers of art, and you’ll have a picture of my core values.

What had started as a hobby, in 2011 transformed into teaching in-person mixed media classes with immediate success. In 2013, I established a long-term relationship with one of the top craft suppliers worldwide, Prima Marketing; since then, I have counted myself among the most active and best-known product designers in the mixed-media world. The products I come up withstand out thanks to their distinctive style, which is unique to my brand, and blur the line between craft supplies, home décor, and fine art.

After over ten years on the market, I’m one of the most recognizable and experienced professional teachers in my field. My classes are in great demand, and I continuously strive to deliver the best possible experience and quality to my students. Being able to say that I successfully turned my passion into a full-time job is an incredible feeling.

My mission? To continue this magical, artistic journey, and guide, teach and encourage as many creative souls as I can on their path of self-discovery.
Art is always the Answer.


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