There’s something very powerful in transforming, altering and creating something new and special out of something boring and worldly. You have that power inside you, and I can help you explore it and develop it. The Magic Goblet mini-class video is the key that unchains your own magic powers to create a gorgeous piece out of a simple and common object.

Come with me to my universe of fantasy, learn how to use tons of Finnabair products, acquire new skills and explore techniques that will take your projects to the next level. Let yourself be impregnated by my love for details and the neatness of the finishing touches.

In this class, we will work on how to create layers with different colours and products, how to add shadows and highlights, different ways of getting texture and how to achieve the right balance of elements and details. We will give a story full meaning and symbolism to the piece we are creating.

The Magic Goblet is suitable for crafters of all levels. Newbies will take firm steps in creating their first altered object, experienced crafters will extend their knowledge of fantasy style. I promise you a detailed step-by-step class, with all the tips and tricks and, of course, lots of fun creating your own magical mug for potions. You will get all the information about the products (mediums, acrylics, mica powders, waxes and more), how to use them and make the most of them. You will learn the techniques and, hopefully, you’ll get inspired to use them in your own works.

Video duration: 37 min 35s

Language: Spoken English with English subtitles or Spoken Spanish with Spanish subtitles

Instructor: Nuneka

Before paying, please make sure that you are buying desired language version. This class is in English with English Subtitles.


My name is Nuneka, I’m a mixed media artist and teacher, crazy storyteller and restless explorer in search of new knowledge.

I used to get bored very quickly with any new hobby or passion that reached my life, nothing seemed to be enough to calm my desire to learn and create, until I discovered mixed media and the crush was so strong that it became my entire world and my fulltime job. I can never get tired of trying new products, learning new techniques, discovering new ways and enjoying bringing something new to life where there used to be nothing. I adore sharing this little knowledge, experience and love for art with everyone in my in-person workshops, online classes and videos on YouTube or Instagram.

I like all kinds of projects and styles, but people say “magic and fantasy” is what define my work. I love talking about Nature, the Universe, mysteries and memories in the stories I tell in my projects. I believe in the power of colour and the sacred energy of all living creatures, so it’s quite common to find little critters, sparks and shimmer in my pieces.

So if you want to know a little bit more about how I build my world of fantasy, join me for a good session of creativity!


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