Did you always want to create amazing full of details sculptures but do you have not enough skill or patience to master that craft? I know I did. And discovering fabric stiffeners and their possibilities changed the way I look at crafts since then. This short class is an introduction to one of my all-time favourite products and techniques and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Class is suitable for students at all levels of advance If you have never tried working in 3 dimensions this will be an excellent introduction to dimensional projects and If you do work in 3D I hope my project will show you new ways to look at dimension and materials. The project incorporates a new mould release from the summer of 2022 and it focuses on sculpting Medium. This class will be an amazing introduction to fabric and surface manipulation it covers the basics of the product without being your basic project and still not being very challenging on the technical or manual side. I do share all my tips and tricks in basic fabric sculpting.

Video duration: 21min

Language: Spoken English with English subtitles or with Spanish Subtitles

Instructor: Olga Heldwein

Before paying, please make sure that you are buying desired language version. This class is in English with English Subtitles.

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